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Empowering our communities through service   

The "A Cry for Action: Our Youth in Peril" virtual mental health symposium will focus on supporting strategies used by professional counselors, educators, therapists, and practitioners to enhance the quality of those who are struggling with mental health challenges.

This free virtual event will be an amazing opportunity to be a front-runner in advocating for children’s mental health! On June 26th from 10a - 12 pm, Jassac Charitable Foundation, Inc. (JCFI) along with Victory Apostolic Church and National Alliance Mental Illness (NAMI) of Illinois will create a community where the stigma around mental health is dismantled.

We can move forward together in empowering parents, caregivers, mental health professionals to enhance the quality of life for children, youth, and adults who are struggling with mental health challenges.

Please join us in the dialog, collaborate, and champion together for mental health and wellness.

Register  here to attend this FREE event

Give Thanks!

During these unprecedented times, we pause to reflect upon our many blessings.  Let us give thanks and show gratitude and recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving. 


Be safe,


Jassac Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors

The Jassac Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mission:

To provide cultural, educational, economic, and health-awareness-related programs,

 that enrich the lives of the youth who reside in the south suburban area of Chicago.




We support the artistic vitality and cultural enrichment of the youth by promoting access to the breadth of arts and cultural programming and elevating your awareness of arts and culture.

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We support and provide at-risk children and youth with academic opportunities to help prepare them for a stable and productive future.

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We support efforts to empower youth with economic sustainability and to provide the best opportunity for personal success and financial security.



We support efforts to promote good health by assisting the pursuit of education, employment, and other opportunities for economic mobility.

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